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The Hybrid Author, by Dianne G. Sagan, gives writers a publishing guide from an innovative viewpoint in a changing industry. Indie published April 21, 2014.

The Hybrid Author defines what everyone in the publishing industry is trying to describe. Writers of all genres must make decisions about whether or not to self-publish or traditionally publish. Mrs. Sagan's book explains what a hybrid author is, what options are available, and how to decide what path to take in this ground breaking book.

It includes interviews with other well-known hybrid authors C. J. Lyons, J. A. Konrath, Hugh C. Howey, Marie Force, Barbara Morgenroth, Jennifer Archer, and Travis Erwin.

Mrs. Sagan is a hybrid author with 21 books published both traditionally and self-published, including ten ghostwritten books (six of which were best sellers). She brings her 14 years of experience and knowledge to writers in this timely book. Learn more at: http://thehybridauthor.com

Dr. Bob Rich, Bobbing Around Newsletter and website, book review says:

"This book is a treasure house of useful suggestions and resources for any writer, already published or still merely hopeful. While reading, I followed up some of Dianne's recommendations, particularly in the areas of marketing and publicity, which are my weak points.

This useful information is logically organized, clearly presented, and is in a style that is a perfect compromise between being chatty and formal. My only suggestion for improvement is that each resource should have a web link accompany it.

I've been a hybrid writer for many years, but didn't know it until I read Dianne's definition. It is someone who has some books out through royalty-paying publishers, with other books, or other versions of these books, through a less conventional path such as self-publishing. She sets out the advantages and disadvantages of each of four options, and I cannot fault her reasoning. I agree with everything she has stated.

A useful feature is Chapter 8, which is a series of interviews with successful authors. I was fascinated by the commonalities and differences in these people's opinions.

Chapter 10 is also particularly useful in a different way: it is an extensive list of questions to an intending author. Thinking about the answer to each will help you to choose the uniquely right path for you.

In short, this book is a useful resource for any writer.

A media kit and photos are available on request.

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