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New WordPress Plugin Thrive Content Builder Revolutionizes Visual Editing for WordPress

The Thrive Content Builder WordPress plugin visual editor gives you everything you need to create amazing, professional-looking content and it makes it easier than ever before.

Thrive Content Builder is a new WordPress plugin that completely changes how content can be created within WordPress. It is a revolutionary visual editor that allows you to view and edit a WordPress page or post as it looks like on the front end.

Shane Melaugh of IM Impact and the creator of this WordPress plugin said:

"Thrive Content Builder is the first truly intuitive, click-to-edit, drag and drop editor for WordPress. It's so simple your granny could use it and it's so amazing you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Thrive Content Builder will ruin for you every other editor you've used forever. Once you've used this you'll never want to go back."

What's more this tool not only replaces the tedious and clumsy old WordPress editor, it's also a complete sales-page-building suite making it ideal for creating marketing and landing pages.

With its high-intuitive and easy-to-use editor users can truly edit and build posts and pages in real time. In addition, users can:

~ Create beautiful layouts with drag & drop ease as Thrive Content Builder allows you to add any combination of columns and easily drag and drop content between columns. It even supports nested columns.

~ Add multiple content boxes with just a few clicks to create stylish content boxes to highlight and segment elements on your page.

~ Insert fully customizable buttons & call to action elements to add a variety of attention-grabbing buttons to any page and move your visitors to the next step in the funnel with compelling calls to action.

~ Add professional-looking testimonials (5 designs to choose from) and guarantee forms (4 designs to choose from) to add social proof and relieve your prospects of the risk-factor.

While you can still use short codes within the Thrive Content Builder, this WordPress plugin largely eliminates the need for these tools.

Plus, so long as you use a mobile-responsive theme all of your content created with the Thrive Content Builder will be 100% compatible with it.

With the Thrive Content Builder users can save heaps of time creating and viewing drafts of a page. And save the need for saving countless revisions as you aim to perfect or simply update a WordPress page.

In the words of Shane Melaugh:

"Whether you want to create a sales page or a full-blown marketing site or whether you just want to improve and enhance your usual content editing Thrive Content Builder was made for you."

To see this the Thrive Content Builder in action visit the URL below:

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