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New Website Targets Unmet Needs of Hearing Impaired Community

New website aims to reduce the estimated 30 million unassisted hearing impaired by offering patients to only pay what they can afford.

Hearing Aid Bid was launched to allow individuals to bid on devices thereby allowing access to hearing implements whose retail pricing is outside the price range of many people. Though the organization is for-profit, its usage of an online auction model mastered by organizations such as eBay and Priceline allows each person to have better control over a price point - decreasing prices by pulling supply as close as possible toward demand. In the end, this means easier access to low-cost equipment.

Hearing Aid Bid plans to attack the ultimate issue plaguing the hearing impaired community - communication. "Easy access to quality information is crucial for the hearing impaired because it's not easy to benefit from the free-flow of data allowed by the information age, said President, Tom Brewer. "When you can't hear well, it's difficult to keep up and stay informed via YouTube videos, Podcasts, and always, in-person conversations."

Hearing Aid Bid will also serve as a clearinghouse of quality data, information, and educational materials related to the hearing impaired experience. The site will feature entertainment and humor related to the hearing impaired community alongside valuable educational information from such sources as the Human Rights Report from the World Federation for the Deaf and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).

Hearing Aid Bid, headquartered in Nashville, TN, provides an online auction and customer-controlled price matching service for hearing devices, Nationwide. Customers submit requests via the website or call (855) 880-4327 and speak with a trained hearing professional. For more information please visit

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