New Website Quickly Becomes Millennials' Home For Interactive Discussions

With social media bringing so many people from around the world together, people are trying to find new ways to establish an open forum community to talk about today's issues with their peers.

The world has changed greatly in the last several years. Most sociologists and economists agree that the last time society saw such a monumental change was during the industrial revolution, and those were changes spread out over several decades and multiple generations. Now, change is measured in months and not years, but as much as things change, people still want some things to remain the same. Today's internet savvy youth are looking for a digital equivalent of a water cooler, someplace online where they can be part of interactive discussions with online formats that offer real time commentary. This way, they can talk with their peers about the current events that are most pressing to them.

One of the most influential websites to grow out of this need is Tawkers.com. Combining a straightforward, tried-and-true concept-two people simply having a discussion-with the openness of the internet and the ability for anyone to take part in these creative online discussions, it has quickly risen to be one of the most popular and visited social media websites available.

Part of what helps to drive the business is the fact that they are not hyper-focused on one singular topic. Many open forum websites limit their attention to a specific idea, which limits the scope of discussion, and oftentimes ends up being nothing more than a one-sided political rant with several "yes men" cheering them on. Tawkers.com separates itself by having over two dozen different categories. Covering the spectrum from world politics to pop culture to sports and entertainment to food and drink, the interactive discussions can range from a serious tawk about the state of the Middle East to a creative and lighthearted look at what's going on at the movies. Best of all, even if a person misses the original tawk, they remain archived online so they can go back at any time and read not only what the two hosts had to say, but also see all of the real time commentary that the other participants included.

With more people working from home and the traditional office model seemingly outmoded for many of the tech-savvy people entering the workforce, having an online discussion home can help bring them together and make them feel like they are once again part of a community.

For more information about Tawkers, please visit the following website: http://tawkers.com/index.html

Jack Terry is a writer and blogger who extensively covers social media and the work place.

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