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New Walkera Scale RC Helicopter: WZQ2 Is Available on Market

The toys today are so advanced that they attract both children and adults. The toy stores in Canada are filled with such toys. They work further to make their customers more comfortable with their services

Walkera, A RC Hobby Helicopter manufacturer, just released their new products: Walkera WZQ2 RC Scale Helicopter in May, 2013 The product is available on North America today

Of late, the demand for toys has been rising which means that there are more customers than the toy stores can cater to. As a result, the stores have been under constant pressure to cater to a variety of needs of these millions of customers. In fact certain toy stores in Canada have gained so much popularity that they have felt the need to gradually expand their network from just a few stores in a city to various parts of the country.

RC Helicopter Select is one such store which ensures that customer convenience comes first. They have a grand variety of toys to choose from and have been popular or their wide range of airplanes and cars. RC Helicopter Select has recently made the much awaited Walkera Scale RC Helicopter available for customers now. It has the best features in the market and has the promise of attracting a lot of customers, young and grown-ups alike.

RC Helicopter Select has made this toy exclusively available for purchase online. Like all its other toys, the new Walkera Scale RC Helicopter does not compromise on quality.Nothing but the Best

The new model of helicopter that it has made available in the market has the best features that children can ask for. Always a step ahead, RC Helicopter Select makes the best models of helicopters available in the market.

This particular model has quite a number of things to look forward to. Walkera Scale RC Helicopter has a CNC-machined metal rotor head. Further it has a high-tech simulation shape.

What's New?

The brand new material that gives it the finishing adds to the looks of the helicopter. Fine simulation reveals mien of a famous helicopter. The controls of the helicopter are easy to understand and the flight also remains smooth as a result of the 3-axis controlled balance system that the helicopter has. As far as performance goes, it has a commendable brushless motor which allows for both longevity and power.

The package includes batteries, transmitter, charger and a manual among other things.

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