New WAHM Opportunities Open Up with PaymentMax Merchant Services ISO Agents

Established payment processing and merchant services company seeks part-time and full-time Work at Home Moms...

Thousand Oaks, California - Women have often been in a predicament as to whether to give priority to their career or to sacrifice it to bring up their children. For example, during the 80's, many women decided to come out of their cocoons and work outside home, they placing their children in daycare to establish their careers.

Twenty years later women are having an almost reversal of thought process and want to give equal time to their home front and career as well. So many are now opting to work from home so that they can bring up their children better.

If you are interested in working from home and want to be a WAHM (Work- At- Home Mom) then you will find the following info very useful. When you decide to be a WAHM you should first consider how you will devote time to your work and your domestic responsibilities. If you can juggle well then you can consider some full time work- at- home opportunities and if you don't find it too appealing then you can opt for the part time jobs.

A leader in the field of payment processing, PaymentMax is hiring qualified people for the post of merchant services ISO agents. You can approach them as work-from- home jobs are now available on a part- time as well as full- time basis. It is the ideal job for you as it guarantees growth potential and flexibility of working hours.

"We prefer to hire work-from-home merchant services ISO agents instead of personnel who work on-site because this helps us maintain low overhead costs," said Merchant services company PaymentMax spokesperson Max Payton. "Low overhead costs help us offer our customers the very best in payment processing and other merchant services."

Payton added that nowadays so many companies have started hiring work-from-home personnel that they too decided to jump on the bandwagon and hire these talented people which in turn would translate into growth opportunities for the company.

PaymentMax is known among the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses for the customer services it provides. The Merchant services ISO agents are involved in the customer services work. PaymentMax is sustaining its growth by offering many unique services that are now in high demand. Services like mobile payment processing, one statement AmEx processing and next day funding are much sought after services. Max Payton said that the new work-from-home merchant services agents are indispensable and they are needed to meet the company's growing demands which in turn would ensure sustained growth for the company.

Next Day Funding Facts

Is there really such a thing as next day funding, many people wonder when dealing with merchant accounts?

"Lets face it, I do a lot of volume and when it comes down to it the rate isn't all that I look for. Fast cash flow is important, especially since I drop-ship everything. And the next day funding really helps," said loyal PaymentMax client Anthony Passano.

The new work-from-home part time and full time job offers of PaymentMax guarantee stability and convenience for their workers. Working for a well known company which is a leader in its field guarantees stability of job and the flexi working hours suits the needs of most women. PaymentMax has made it very easy to apply for these e-commuting jobs. If you are interested, you can visit the company's website to know more about it and apply online.

PaymentMax ensures that this new merchant services ISO agent position guarantees the following for its workers:

• Flexible working hours
• Comfort of working from home
• Potential for growth
• Superior quality services
• Easy application procedure.

Easy and Fast Set Up

Setting up a PaymentMax account is absolutely hasslefree. Just fill in the form on their website or call them. They are open 24/7. For more information about PaymentMax and their new ISO agent openings, visit: and bookmark the site to jumpstart your own home-based opportunity.

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Address: PO Box 3847, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
Phone: 800-979-0210

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