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New Views on Thanksgiving Offered in OIC Moments Blog

Adding two very different examinations of the Thanksgiving holiday, the OIC Moments blog continues to establish itself as the place to find and celebrate curiosity, imagination, discovery, learning, and those everyday "Oh, I see!" revelations.

The most recent additions to the OIC (as in "Oh, I see!") Moments blog give readers much to think about, and hopefully even more to appreciate this Thanksgiving holiday. Blog contributor Meredith Mullins started things off with a post titled "Cultural Traditions: A Muslim Thanksgiving" that examined the West African festival of Tabaski and pointed out the similarities and differences from the American Thanksgiving celebration. Janine Boylan followed that intriguing post from halfway around the world with one much closer to home, that she titled "A Record of Life's Changes." Boylan shares a simple tradition she started for her own family and examines the multitude of rewards it has returned. By examining both the traditions we follow and those we create, these posts taken together hope to provide readers with a springboard for contemplating their own traditions and reasons to be thankful this holiday season.

From its launch, the OIC Moments blog has sought to collect and share insights and discoveries that range from the everyday to the truly spectacular. Blog posts have touched on diverse topics ranging from t-shirts to typography, buildings in decay to lessons learned during a flight delay, street performers to an amazing corn mazes and the benefit to your brain that comes from speaking multiple languages. That is just how the blog's founder, Sheron Long, wanted the blog to take shape. "There are no topical limits to the blog," says Long, "the unifying threads are the epiphanies and the learning that takes place when you pause to really take in these moments from the different perspectives presented."

The OIC Moments blog is based on the idea that OIC moments are everywhere, and that we should seek them out everyday to help improve and enrich our lives. According to OIC, these daily insights can be plain and practical, helping you put a little problem in the past. Others might have the most unserious of consequences-the kind that just puts a smile of understanding on your face. Still others may be more profound, resulting in a U-turn as you see life in a new way. All of these discoveries lead to "OIC Moments" and will be highlighted in the blog. As summarized by OIC's founder and President Sheron Long, "Very few OIC Moments are epiphanies, but all lead to worthwhile insights in life."

According to Long, OIC's mission is to enrich people's lives through connections to positive, creative ideas and diverse cultures. "I value curiosity, imagination, innovation, and different perspectives," says Sherry, "because constant discovery-saying 'Oh, I see!' about something everyday-keeps the mind growing and the eyes seeing farther and farther into the world. Creating this blog was a natural extension of that philosophy, and hopefully it will become a place where people come regularly to seek and share inspiration." The OIC Moments blog can be found on the OIC Books website at www.oic-books.com/blog.

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