New Version Of FlipBook Creator Now Supports Triple Protection For EBooks

FlipBook Creator v3.8.8, in addition to making it easy to convert PDF files to flipbooks with page flipping book, now includes watermark, password, and disable download/print protection.

Enabling users to convert [url: http://www.flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html]PDF to flipbook[/url] in minutes, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 has also been updated to allow users to protect their creations. Users can add watermarks to their content easily on the "Import PDF" screen. By clicking on the "Set Watermark" button, a number of styles can be chosen from including custom logos. An e-book, magazine, brochure, or other digital flipbook is therefore protected as it carries the user's brand in the watermark.

Flipbooks can be totally identified with a particular brand. In addition to watermarks and logos, users can add text, images, date/time, and other labels to identify their brand on the project. Also, passwords can be set to control who can access a flipbook. This option is beneficial if there is confidential information, such as that intended for a company meeting, or if the user needs to set permissions for downloading and sharing the e-book or accessing data via some of the buttons within it.

FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 also lets users disable the download or print functions. It is possible to restrict access to the [url: http://www.flippagemaker.com/]page flip book[/url] or provide it only to those who are authorized to see the information. Passwords can also be provided when someone pays for an e-book or magazine, for example. In fact, the software provides tools for changing "Copyright Settings" so a logo, company introduction, or contact information immediately identify the brand.

These features are as easy to use as those enabling the import of PDFs and selection of templates and other effects. Users can easily create digital books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and manuals in just a few minutes. Free templates and themes make it even easier to customize these publications in a unique fashion every time. Whatever the flipbook is used for, visitor traffic can be tracked through Google Analytics, as the [url: http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/index.html]flip book maker[/url] has a built in tracking feature for flipbooks.

Windows and Mac versions of the software are available. A demo, plus a free trial and the full paid version of FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 are available on the product site at http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html.

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