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New Tool from Signature Card Services Helps Merchants Identify Their Best Customers

Signature Card Services launches the Business Intelligence Tool that gives merchants the ability to gain insight to the behavior of customers and utilize the data to maximize marketing efforts.

Data-driven marketing has been one of marketing's biggest trends in 2012. With a bold new offering called the Business Intelligence Tool, Signature Card Services - the industry-leading payment processing services provider - is poised to help their merchants leverage this trend to its fullest.

Merchants who sign up with Signature Card Services will gain access to the Business Intelligence Tool, a sophisticated cloud-based system that provides the merchant with unprecedented insight into the behavior of their top customers. Equipped with this highly valuable information, the merchant can then create more targeted, more engaging and ultimately more effective marketing experiences.

The system works by tracking transaction data at the merchant location. Transactions are tracked to a broad range of more than 70 consumer characteristics, including age and income brackets, zip+4, family size, hobbies, and a host of other demographic and psychographic information. Merchants access the data through a secure online portal, where they can monitor and analyze the information in a variety of ways.

The Business Intelligence Tool allows merchants to understand their best customers better than ever, and the benefits of this better information are virtually unlimited. One merchant, a Hollywood dry cleaner, had been focusing their marketing in the downtown area. The Business Intelligence Tool showed them that, in fact, most of their customers were commuters from the San Fernando Valley. Armed with this knowledge, the business successfully tweaked their marketing campaigns to start targeting these customers in the valley.

"We knew our merchants needed an easy way to identify, find, target and keep the right customers," Cliff Teston, CEO of Signature Card Services, explained. "With the Business Intelligence Tool, we are helping our merchants leverage growth opportunities for their businesses. There's simply nothing else like it in the industry today."

The Business Intelligence Tool is now available to existing Signature Card Services merchants as a free upgrade (for a limited time) to the online reporting they already receive. For new merchants, the service is available for $9.99 per month. To learn more about Signature Card Services and the Business Intelligence Tool, visit or call 1-888-334-2284.

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