New Technology Unveiled At Boat Show

Mariners are unveiling a brand new technology to sailors at London's Boat Show.

Staff from Ultrasonic Works are at the London Boat Show to promote the latest in sailing technology.

The new Ultrasonic anti-fouling system created by an experienced team of engineers and marine biologists brings together design engineering with a deep understanding of marine algae and crustaceans.

Sailors are turning to ultrasonic anti fouling to stop algae clinging onto the machine which in turn allows barnacles to build up on the boat. The system works by sending complex ultrasonic vibrations.

It has impressed sailors who are keen to protect the environment and save money.

Having designed advanced water treatment systems for commercial and industrial applications this latest technology has now been developed and manufactured here in the UK specifically for the marine environment.

The majority of boat owners paint and maintain their vessels every winter and class it as part of their annual maintenance.

However, anti fouling paints which are normally used can be toxic which is why the new technology is so popular.

There are many things boaters can do to limit and help prevent damage to the environment which evidence suggests can be caused by antifouling paint. Re-painting and maintenance is one of the most common jobs carried out. However, the most cost effective thing that they could is to invest in ultrasonic antifouling. The latest technology is also safe for humans, animals and fish.

The patent pending ClearHull system from Ultrasonic Works is an intelligent, well engineered product of exceptional quality, far exceeding the effectiveness of existing primitive ultrasonic anti-fouling technology. The ClearHull not only keeps a hull clean it can also communicate its status to you via your mobile phone or computer.

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