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New Spanish dictionary software for Windows

Spanish monolingual dictionary includes verb conjugations, thorough definitions, converts numbers into text, and more.

November 24, 2009

(Minneapolis, Minn.) A new Spanish dictionary program for Windows is available from Ultralingua and Vox today. It offers a verb conjugation tool, number translator, and indications of region-specific vocabulary.

This monolingual Spanish dictionary is available for Mac, Windows, and iPhone/iPod touch. The Mac and Windows programs also feature a flashcard feature, allowing users to create, organize, review and save personalized flashcards to support their learning and retention.

Spanish-speakers will appreciate that Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary includes both Latin American and European varieties of Spanish. Regional usage and vocabulary differences are clearly indicated within dictionary definitions, clearing up any confusion around whether "ordenador" or "computador" is the best term to use in a given context.

You can download a free 10-day trial for Windows by clicking this link or visiting http://www.ultralingua.com/en/download-windows-dictionary.htm

Other benefits include:
- All the entries you could need: includes 112,000 thorough definitions of more than 53,000 headwords
- Plenty of synonyms: 21,000 total listed alongside dictionary entries
- Keyboard shortcut allows look-ups in email, on the web, in PDFs, and more (Mac and Windows products only)
- Reference section includes a detailed Spanish grammar guide (Mac and Windows products only)
- No Internet connection is required to use any of the dictionary products, so you can take this Spanish dictionary anywhere.

Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary costs just $44.95 USD on Windows and $24.99 USD on iPhone.

About Ultralingua, Inc:

Ultralingua, Inc. was founded in 1997, with a mission to develop high-quality language tools for the business, education, and travel markets. What started as a French Dictionary for the Mac platform has turned into a leading provider of software and web-based dictionaries and language tools.

Our notable clients include publishers HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, the Government of Canada, Carlton College, and the World Organization of Nuclear Operators (WANO). Ultralingua's dictionaries are compiled by a team of language professionals, including linguists, university professors, and professional translators.


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