New "SOULFUL" Networking Site

NEW SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE DESIGNED FOR THE SOUL - NOT THE EGO... Female Entrepreneur Launches New Online Concept - Soulful Networking

Female entrepreneur Tiffany Cooper has launched a new "soulful" networking site that takes social networking to the next level: the higher self.

Introducing a community of Soulful people seeking Soulful connections. Whether it's something to let go of or a daily intention to focus energy on, Cooper has created a place where one can prioritize their day with what matters most to them.

Cooper says, "Share as much as you'd like or just spend some time celebrating your soul... it's 'All Soul, No Ego...' You are free to be your true magnificent self here!"

Unlike other social networking sites, is not about uploading photos from school plays or vacations. It is not a place to discuss politics or last night's party, as there are plenty of other websites that have that well covered. Rather, this site will take a deeper, more intrinsic approach, allowing the user to go inward and reflect via their own private "MySanctuary" page, documenting what they are feeling, what they want more (or less) of, what they may need help with. They are also able to chart a visual path to move their life forward, while connecting and inspiring other users to do the same.

According to Cooper, "Having a daily gratitude practice has a multitude of health benefits, including less anxiety and depression, and even better sleep. There's also a place where the user can create a vision board, set an intention, ask for prayers, celebrate random acts of kindness and let something go. We've tried to design the site to be a Virtual Sanctuary" where one can go to get really clear about their life while connecting and helping others."

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