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Pass the android test with JLC India's online android course. This course is in addition to many training courses already available for fresher's and professional to boost their career in IT.

Jlc India covers the all the modules of one of the world's most popular programming languages android. Jlc India's online android course will help take you to proficiency with this technical language. Now a days android savvy can be a competitive advantage in the ever evolving industry of mobile technology. One who has keen interest to learn Android and didn't find time to learn can join Android Online Course at JLC. We are providing online course for Android with experienced faculty.

JLC India trainer, Ms Arpita Bharadwaj is an experienced programmer with over 8 years of experience as a android developer and an instructor for many years. She will guide students and professionals with easy to understand explanations on the modules of android with step by step video lessons start from Java Essentials for Android and cover all that you need to develop professional Android Apps. By this training course one will get a frozen understanding of the Android architecture, and increase great hands-on knowledge by means of, build and test commercially-relevant Android apps.

In the course duration at JLC, one can gain the knowledge of Android from Introduction to Android, Android Architecture overview and then Setup of Android Development environment, Android Application Fundamentals, User Interface, Main Building Blocks, Resources, Data Storage and Android Media API.

This course also provides sample questions and downloadable code examples to help you learn, practice, and hone your android skills. JLC India in addition to android, it also offers an extensive variety of courses like classroom and online hadoop and JAVA training. You can learn not only android but everyone get chance work android live application. You can have complete access to a world of knowledge at's top courses. is proud to provide today's scholars with advanced digital study materials that meet market needs. JLC India lessons and accompanying free sample lessons are available for immediate viewing. Professionals who are already working can boost their career with a variety of android online video format that is affordable, accessible, effective, and comprehensive.

JLC India trainer, Ms Arpita Bharadwaj explains the advantages of learning Android application at JLC.
• Gaining knowledge from experts in Android training.
• Onsite and online android courses.
• Enterprise Mobility Application using Android app.
• Learn Android development through hands-on programming tutorials.
• Learning all theories in practical in Android class.
• Regular revisions of topics taught in previous classes.

The vision of JLC is to continue in providing high-quality educational experiences to its students and to people around the world by unleashing creativity and innovation in online learning. Understand the fundamentals of teaching and learning in new contexts, in order to develop knowledge and practices to enhance the learning process. Study online learning through a series of creative and innovative experiments formulated by teaching faculty, she added.

JLC India trainer, Ms Arpita Bharadwaj believe in connecting people to a great education so that anyone around the world can learn without limits. When you take one of our classes, you will watch lectures taught by world-class professors, learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive exercises. We will give you 100% satisfaction guarantee after completion of Android Online Training in our institute.

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