New Models of Sat Navs Released Mio

Four new models of satellite navigation to extend Mio's GPS range

Mio, one of the world's leading portable navigation device (PND) manufacturers, has added four new models to its Spirit range. The Spirit 480, 485, 685 and 687 combine state of the art features with quality navigation, ease of use and stylish design, creating a range that meets every need of today's traveller. The new range comes in two different screen sizes: the 4.3 inch Spirit 480 and 485 and the super-large 5 inch Spirit 685 and 687.

The Spirit 685 and 687 offer the innovative, brand new 'Choice of Routes' and 'Trip Planner' features, while the Spirit 687 also has 'Voice Entry', 'Bluetooth®' and an integrated AV-in port for connecting a rear-view camera. The Spirit 485, 685 and 687 also come with built-in premium traffic information without the need for a subscription. All models are fitted with the practical 'Parking Assistance', 'Pedestrian Mode' functionality, 'IQ Routes™', 'LearnMe Pro™', '3D Junction Views' and 'Lane Guidance': a combination of features that make every journey easier, faster and more comfortable.
Choice of Routes and Trip Planner

The Spirit 685 and 687's 'Choice of Routes' feature allows drivers to preview four different routes on the screen - fastest, shortest, easiest and most economical. It then assists the driver in choosing the route that best suits their need at the time.

The 'Trip Planner' and 'Waypoint Optimisation' features on the Spirit 685 and 687 allow a driver to set multiple waypoints, prioritise them for optimised routes and preview the route with simulation mode. 'Trip Planner' can be used either on the device or from the comfort of home via the 'MioMore' desktop application.
Voice Entry and Bluetooth®

The new Voice Entry feature on the Spirit 687 allows drivers to enter an address by simply speaking into the device. This feature also means that if a mobile phone is Bluetooth compatible, incoming calls can be answered without touching the screen. These features allow a driver to travel with confidence, with no need to take hands off the wheel.
Premium Traffic Information without subscription fee

The Spirit 485, 685 and 687 come with built-in TMC traffic information, keeping drivers updated with real-time data during a trip and suggesting alternatives to avoid traffic jams. With no additional fee, the subscription is free for a lifetime.
On-the-go lifestyle

The Spirit 687 has an integrated AV-in port that makes it possible to connect a rear-view camera (sold separately), which transmits video of the rear view while you reverse the car to prevent possible accidents or collisions. The device also comes with 'MioMoreTM' services, which give the latest weather forecasts while Google® Local Search helps drivers find information and points of interest in the local area.
Smart and personalised navigation on all devices

Mio Spirit devices will always find the optimal routes to a destination. 'IQ Routes™' uses historical real-life information, collected from millions of drivers, giving the best and most efficient journey at any time of the day. The enhanced 'LearnMe Pro™' monitors and learns from the user's driving style, providing a more accurate time of arrival and more personalised routes to suit their preferences. Improvement in routes and estimated time of arrival are shown on the screen.

Another smart solution is Mio's 'Rental Maps' which are ideal for short trips or holidays. A driver can rent the maps needed for a specific length of time, instead of buying them. Maps are available for three, seven or 30 days, for a fraction of the purchase cost.
Parking Assistance and Pedestrian Mode

All models in the new series are fitted with 'Parking Assistance' and 'Pedestrian Mode'. The new Parking Assistance feature automatically shows a list of parking spaces when within 1 km of a destination, stopping the need to search for a nearby car park and saving stress when time is short.

When parked and on foot, 'Pedestrian Mode' directs users to a final destination and lets them explore new places not accessible by car.
The easy way

Simplicity and quality distinguish the Spirit range. All models in the series come with 3D Junction Views and Lane Guidance, showing road signs and available lanes in 3D on the screen to guide you through complex junctions. To find a destination quickly and easily, 'Keyword Search' works by simply entering any word and it brings up results in order of their proximity to a current location. Using combinations of places and keywords will get even more accurate results. Combined with the 'QuickSpellTM' keyboard, errors are reduced and your typing speed increased.


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