New Kidney Diet Program That Promises To Reverse Kidney Diseases Revealed

A new website named was recently launched to aid people with kidney disease reverse their condition through natural, holistic and effective approach.

An alternative method of treating kidney diseases such as chronic kidney disease and renal failure, is hitting the headlines with the launch of The new method, though unconventional, claims to promote a most natural, holistic and effective approach in reversing the effects of a kidney disease.

For many years, Kidney diseases are usually treated through dialysis and kidney transplants. However, Rachelle Gordon, a Veteran Nurse and Medical Researcher and the author of Kidney Diet Secrets, believes kidney diseases can actually be reversed with the proper diet program and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Gordon has worked extensively in hospitals specifically in Intensive Care Units and out-patient departments over the past 10 years and was exposed to every kind of kidney disease case. Through her experience and medical research, she was able to deliver a scientific and proven method of treating, even reversing the effects of kidney diseases. Her book Kidney Diets Secret reveals the various ways of treating the disease without resorting to expensive medication and even invasive procedures.

You are about to discover what might be the most powerful system that was ever created to manage kidney diseases. It's the same system that hundreds of kidney patients, just like you, have been using since the dawn of this decade, Gordon said.

Unlike the conventional way of treating kidney diseases (antibiotics, dialysis and transplants) employed by most doctors, Gordon encourages a very different approach by employing a low-protein diet with the right kind of exercise. Her method is said to be the most natural, effective and cheapest way to treat kidney diseases.

According to what Gordon has researched, a team of nephrologists from a well renowned hospital in United States used this method back in 1999. And on that hospital alone, they were able to improve kidney function of all 176 patients in that said year.

This method is unpopular because according to Gordon, Physicians tend to prefer giving medications than giving specific dietary treatments; until such time that kidney diseases has progressed enough to need dialysis.

In her website, Gordon blogs about the proper diet for people with kidney diseases and renal failure. She also shares success stories from patients who applied her method. Her eBook Kidney Diet Secrets can also be downloaded at the site.

### is a US-based company that provides kidney health advice to kidney sufferers of all types. The advice site is the online retail site of "Kidney Diets Secrets" by Rachelle Gordon, BSN, RN, based on the author's decade-long experience caring for kidney patients. Since the book's launch in August 2013, thousands of kidney sufferers have benefited from its scientifically-proven, easy-to-follow diet advice. For more information, visit

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