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New From Open Website Tutorials - How To Create A Wordpress Websites

Open Website Tutorials has launched a website offerings free tutorials on a variety of helpful topics including how to create a basic WordPress website.

Anybody, whether experienced or inexperienced in creating a Wordpress website, can follow the tutorials in creating their Wordpress website in under thirty minutes.

The website tutorial displayed on the main page details the step by step instructions in creating a basic WordPress website. It is a guide that is easy to follow and is explained in detail with simple terms that everyone can understand. It is well laid out and covers everything necessary in creating the website.

After the tutorial explains how to create a domain name, set up hosting, point the domain to hosting and installing WordPress, Open Website Tutorials takes it one step further with displaying and describing the main features of WordPress. This tutorial covers everything from start to finish.

For those who learn more visually than through reading, there is the option of watching the video tutorial on how to create a website. This 12 minute video tutorial shows you how to create a WordPress website step by step like the written tutorial except one gets to watch how it's done. Open Website Tutorials possesses a learning aid for every website creator.

Everything that is needed to know about creating a website and adding things to it is covered at Open Website Tutorials. For those interested in learning even more about WordPress can visit other tutorials covering adding content, images and/or videos, changing the theme of the website and even making a mobile website.

Open Website Tutorials is here to help anyone learn about creating and maintaining WordPress websites. It is the one stop shop for WordPress websites. The detailed instructions and images will ease even the most novice website creator. It is simplicity at its finest and offers a helping hand to anyone looking to create a WordPress website.

To learn more about how to build a basic WordPress website, please visit

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