New Emergency Responder Products by Bumperchute To Help Incident Command Management

Bumperchute has worked together with Police and Fire Departments, the experts in first response, to develop a line of emergency responder products for incident command zone management and easy vehicle command post set up.

First responders know how important effectively managing an incident zone is. For this reason, Bumperchute has worked with both fire and police departments to design and test emergency response products that can provide fire, police and medical responders with light-weight tools that can help them set up a mobile command post as well as mark and manage an incident command zone more effectively.

One of Bumperchute's featured emergency response products is The Command Post Tailgate Package. Designed specifically for mobile responders, this product is vehicle shelter for SUV's or Tailgate Canopy, that offers overhead cover extending nearly three feet beyond the opened lift gate. This allows most first response trucks and SUV's to convert to a mobile command post at the rear providing essential shade, shelter and protected work space. Side panel windows offer interior flaps which can open or close, as well as handy pockets that provide emergency personnel additional storage for cell phones, radios and pagers. Protecting the canopy is the ZipR Shield, featuring two panels that zip onto the canopy, enclosing the Command Post, clear vinyl windows that provide additional light and allow a complete visibility. A velcro center opening also allows First Responders access inside and outside the Command Post. Also included is the 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective trim, which dramatically increases nighttime visibility for emergency responders.

The Command Post Tailgate Package from Bumperchute is a well rounded command zone management kit that also includes a Command Post Green Flag Light, two battery-powered LED lights on a 10-foot aluminum pole equipped with a shock cord that snaps together to display the Command Post flag. The lights provide a flash or steady mode, with two strong magnets that allow the flag and light to be applied to any metal surface. The Command Post Tailgate Package from Bumperchute also comes with a brow cover, roof mounting kit and a bottle of SeamSure, designed to prevent and fix leaks and tears in the Command Post in all weather conditions.

Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs are good at what they do and they only choose equipment that works. Bumperchute emergency response and incident command products work, which is why they are being recognized as a valued product for emergency response.

Bumperchute carries a wide variety of incident command products ranging from vehicle command post equipment to safety vests and portable landing zone kits.

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