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New eBook Math Made Simple For Grade One Advocates Parent Involvement to Support Child's Learning

"Made Made Simple for Grade One" is an activity or exercise eBook for teaching and learning Grade One Math that requires parents to help facilitate the Math problems.

Mathematics in the simplest form is taught in school for young kids to acquaint themselves with numbers. However, it is one school subject that many first graders find a hard time dealing with. Looking at simple number formulas, kids end up scratching their head looking for answers, and consequently making their teachers and parents worried about failing. In this regard, First Grade Math learning may need assistance from parents; requiring their involvement to reinforce their kids' ability to grasp the subject.

"Math Made Simple for Grade One" is a Kindle book focusing on teaching basic Math fundamentals to grade school students. True to its name, the eBook was designed to ensure that the children comprehend the basic concepts of addition and subtraction, while also understanding number sequencing, and placing them in order of greatest to least and least to greatest.

Part of the eBook series "Math Made Simple," the Kindle publication was created to provide interaction with the children and the parents, and as a by-product, build a strong relationship between them.

"Math Made Simple for Grade One is great teaching tool for the parents as much as it is an effective learning platform for the child," author Jacob Solomon says.

Setting the bar high on simple Math teaching and learning, Math Made Simple for Grade One encourages parents to play a more active role in their child's Math education. The guide, which consists of Math activities for the child to complete, requires the assistance of parents in explaining unfamiliar words or phrases.

Available on Amazon, Made Made Simple for Grade One is all about setting a fun environment in the entire process of making Math is a core skill to have. The eBook consists of many Math games that can be played with larger groups of up to six children.

To find out more about the Made Made Simple for Grade One eBook guide, please visit for information and orders.

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