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New CryptoCurrency 'BitCentavo' Now Trades on Canadian Exchange Rapid CX

'BitCentavo' is a new decentralized CryptoCurrency similar to BitCoin designed and launched globally with the Latin American market in mind. It is not controlled by any Central Bank or Government. BitCentavo has the potential to grow exponentially.

Recently launched CryptoCurrency 'Nuevo BitCentavo Electrónico' gets picked up late last week by Canadian exchange based in Ontario. This means that 'BitCentavo' now can be traded against the most widely used CryptoCurrency in the world BitCoin.

Chief Trading Engineer, Steve Rawlinson says "I'm excited to have Nuevo BitCentavo on our exchange. I applaud you effort to bring cryptocurrency awareness to Latin America. It's a very nobile goal and will certainly help a lot of people. We're glad we can help."

Rapid CX Exchange is a shinning example of the great pride that the Canadian people put into their standards of business. Rawlinson along with his very impressive team of crypto experts say on their site "Try to keep up! We deliver the fastest, safest and best cryptocurrency platform available to investors and traders across the web."

In the wake of the recent closures of some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges like Mt. Gox and CryptoRush, the global cryptocommunity
at large has grown hesitant to trust new exchanges. However RapidCX defies that by implementing business practices regarding transparency and accountability to a degree never seen before in this industry.

The Rapid CX website has a clearly visible phone number that is staffed around the clock in the never ending market. There is a 'Meet The Team' page with names, photos, Job Titles, etc.. This is a first in the industry since most crypto enthusiasts are used to dealing with crypto exchange operators that address customer issues when they get around to it and usually go by a pseudonym like TurboGeek or something.

'BitCentavo' could not start out its ambitious and goal oriented young life as a contending cryptocurrency on a better exchange than Rapid CX. BitCentavo is also in the public voting sections of two well known cryptocurrency exchanges, along with where they are halfway to getting voted onto and in need of everyones help in order to get on those exchanges also.

A big confidence booster for the BitCentavo Core Team is that 'BitCentavo' has a Zero Premine status. Since the majority of CryptoCurrencies launched today have some type of premine even as low as one percent. Not 'BitCentavo', this is an aspect that might be overlooked today but one day will be appreciated and praised due to this status.

Happy Trading!!!


The BitCentavo Core Development Team

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