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New Clyppi Fingernail Clippers Released Online to Amazon Shoppers

The Online Connection has recently launched the Clyppi Fingernail Clipper to online shoppers on

The Online Connection has recently launched the Clyppi Fingernail Clipper to online shoppers on The professional, heavy duty, all stainless steel nail cutter is currently being sold for $15.00, 25% off its list price of $19.99.

Described as an ultra-cool, precision tool for cool dudes, well groomed men and stylish ladies, the Clyppi fingernail clipper is an ergonomic fingernail cutter designed to suit the shape of the human hand. Based on the product description, it is designed particularly to ensure comfort, maintain a clear line of sight and promote ease of use, even for sufferers of arthritis. It is made of stainless steel and has a matte, brushed steel finish. Additionally, the nail cutter is said to cut fingernails cleanly and precisely, eliminating the need for filing. However, a nail file has been integrated into its levers in the event that the customer wants to file.

Fingernail clipping is a necessary activity for people because nails are one of the few parts of the human body that constantly grows. Untrimmed nails, apart from being unattractive, usually attract germs and are prone to breaking from being slammed, hit or from other accidents. People who suffer from diabetes may also suffer from infections of the nail if not managed properly. Women who grow their nails tend to keep them trimmed to a certain level while maintaining their aesthetics. However, trimming often results in jagged edges, tears, cracks and splits, thereby ruining the nail. This often happens because the nail clipper might not be sharp enough or is hard to maneuver.

The Clyppi clipper is said to prevent this from happening as it is a very sharp fingernail clipper and therefore gives clean and precise cuts. Online shoppers have been commenting on these features.

"The blades come together precisely for a clean cut. Other clippers I've used seem to crush down on the nail before finally cutting it, making for a ragged cut."

"It is very sharp and cuts right through my fingernails with no effort. Glad I discovered this nail clipper."

Fingernail clippers have been around for many years and have become integrated in normal, everyday life. While everybody needs to clip their fingernails, often it can be challenging to find the best fingernail clippers or where to buy them. The new Clyppi fingernail clipper offered by The Online Connection comes with full lifetime guarantee, providing another option for shoppers to consider.


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