New Cloth Diaper Company Brings Wee to Baby Bottoms

Not finding viable options for her premature son, Sarah West set out to create her own fashionable and easy-to-use cloth diaper line, called Wee Bonnie Botts.

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." For one military mom, the necessity was to find a cloth diaper for her son Zachary that was not only affordable and practical but that also addressed the boy's needs and vibrant personality. Not finding viable options, Sarah West set out to create her own fashionable and easy-to-use cloth diaper line, called Wee Bonnie Botts (WBB), out of her home in San Diego.

"My mission in creating Wee Bonnie Botts was to infiltrate the crowed sposie (disposable diaper) world and, at the same time, to help other moms with fitting issues when it comes to cloth diapering. I faced my own challenges in finding a cloth diaper that fit my son Zachary, who was born premature last August," says West. "If I was facing these challenges, then so were a lot of other Moms-and that's how Wee Bonnie Botts came to fruition.

Wee Bonnie Botts All-in-One diaper line is made up of easy pull and fitted side snaps added to diapers that are filled with absorbent Pul outer fabric with a hidden layer of either organic bamboo fleece or hemp fleece with a suede cloth or micro-chamois inner stay-dry material to keep babies' bum dry. "These are not only easy to use but easy to wash. The line also incorporates fun designs aimed at giving a baby's bottom its own personality," adds West.

One Boulder, CO mom, Sara Jensen King, added a recent Wee Bonnie Bott to her cloth diapers stash, aptly named after her daughter Julia (pictured - photo credit: Bryan King Photography). "After having tried their products, I think Wee Bonnie Botts has a great-fitting diaper that is very absorbent without any leaks. They also add cuteness and functionality-the things diaper stashes should be made of," says King.

King adds, "There are so many different types of diapers that have very different a pair of designer jeans. Some patterns and brands work for some babies and not for others. For example, I found that I love WBB's diapers because Sarah uses a pattern that fits my daughter well. She has been hard to fit because of her skinny thighs!"

The line's diapers are also yielding praise from dads as well. Heidi Messinger Fluegel, from Uniontown, WA, recently fitted her son Eric with a WBB diaper. "It is my favorite diaper," she says, "but more importantly, it is my husband's favorite diaper as well. He isn't a big fan of cloth diapering. In fact, a lot of the time, he'll put a disposable on Eric. But he loves that no stuffing is required and Eric can wear it for a long time without it leaking."

Fluegel adds, "It is also my favorite going-to-town diaper because I know I can leave it on Eric for up to four hours without it leaking, even if I am not able to change him right away."

According to West, the line is continuing to expand, and new styles go on sale each Monday evening. "Custom orders are what drive most moms to WBB, and I do take into account that not all babies are the same. Many have different fitting issues not addressed by commercial cloth diapers," she says. King agrees: "I think customer service is another important factor in one's decision to prefer one diaper over another. And by buying from work-from-home businesses such as Sarah's, you get that one-on-one communication in addition to knowing exactly where your diaper was made.".

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