New Chocolate Bars with Stevia Sweetener Now Make Up the Predivita Protein Diet Ensemble

Predivita, the leading advocate behind protein diet for weight loss and health, now offers new chocolate bars to delight every weight-watching dessert lover.

For dessert devotees who want to give in to their craving, Predivita now offers the delicious solution through the new chocolate bars. Manufactured with on-the-go dieters in mind, the protein-rich, low-calorie product from Predivita makes the best snack for Belgians on the protein diet wanting to taste the natural sweetness of food without being sidetracked.

The Predivita diet is based on natural proteins, including dairy-based and soy, and has a scientific background. The leading protein food manufacturer in Belgium and the rest of Europe indulges everyone in an array of products that are packed with protein - the body's building blocks - and with less fats and carbohydrates.

Unlike most other forms of diet and diet products in the market today, the Predivita diet does not deprive people of their love for food. Instead, the company makes various protein-filled bread and breakfast, toppings, sauces and dips, desserts, beverages, meals, soups, and even vitamins and supplements to make the dieting regimen easier and more effective.

Stevia-bathed and chocolate-coated, the protein-rich chocolate bars are a delight for everyone who wants dieting to be delicious, easy and fun. Coming in Mocha, Praline and Classic varieties, the new treats are among the protein dieet producten met Stevia or protein diet products with Stevia, so health-conscious dieters need not worry about counting calories.

As a non-caloric substitute for conventional sugar, Stevia is essentially an organic sweetener that makes up many of Predivita products that tickle the sweet-toothed. As the new products are gezoet met Stevia or sweetened with Stevia, they taste just as sweet as any cookie or cake - only without the high calories.

For Predivita dieters who can't resist a sweet bite, the new chocolate bars come in handy packages, making them easy to grab whenever hunger strikes at work, on the road, or even in the middle of the night.

To find out more about Predivita's new chocolate bars that are sweetened with Stevia, please visit for information.

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