New Book: The Interest Rate Solution, Details How Homeowners Can Save 23% and More Mortgage Interest Rate Costs

Vision Publishing Group is pleased to announce the release of a new book titled, "The Interest Rate Solution" containing information that mortgage lenders and bankers do not want the public to know.

Vision Publishing Group announces the release of "The Interest Rate Solution," a new book by rising finance author Bronson Brice. The book details how homeowners can recover tens of thousands of dollars, or more, directly from their mortgage lender. Brice uncovers a little known concept and combines it with a seldom-used technique to demonstrate how to confidently secure a favorable interest rate on your home purchase or refinance.

"I wrote this book because neither my mortgage broker nor my lender understood how I decided on my mortgage interest rate," explains Brice. "Based on my results, I know that my technique reduces the risk. That's powerful!"

A book reviewer adds, "I have an undergraduate degree. I also have an MBA. I thought I was pretty smart and knew all the answers. I didn't."

Many home buyers and homeowners today tend to rely on research from others when it comes to buying or refinancing. However, simply starting with the lowest rate can sometimes be more costly in the end. For example, an appraisal report is one of the key factors that can affect the interest rate if the appraisal doesn't justify the available equity in the home. What seems like a good choice today may actually limit your options in the future. The book includes an accurate technique to anticipate future interest rates.

"Since 2003, I have saved in excess of $40k over the course of my mortgage, or about 23% of the total mortgage, by following the technique I describe in this book", says Brice. "This is information your mortgage lender or banker does not want you to know."

The 32-page book is available on Amazon for Kindle and provides a concise step-by-step process to save in home loan mortgage interest.

To learn more about "The Interest Rate Solution", please visit for details.


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