New Author Thanks Ex-boyfriend for Life Lesson Regarding National Tragedy on 9/11

A new author writes a book crediting an ex-boyfriend with how she handled the countries backlash against the Muslim community after 9/11

Like many women, Tayo Oredein has had her share of bad relationships. However, there was one in particular that impacted her enough to write and publish a new book, "His PhD is in Hypocrisy…and other poems about my crappy ex-boyfriend". It is a collection of poems chronicling the ups and downs, differences and the dissolution of one of her key relationships. Despite their interracial backgrounds (she is black and he is white) and interreligious upbringings (she is Christian to his Muslim), she thought they could and would create a beautiful life together. Then, as fate would have it, he showed his true colors, another female surfaced, and their relationship ended.

She turned to writing in order to help carry her through the healing process. Through an assortment of poems- some short, some funny, some angry, His PhD is in Hypocrisy captures the love, frustration, heartbreak, and culminates in the unexpected life lesson that surfaced on September 11, 2001.

"They say that everyone comes into your life for a reason," says author Tayo Oredein, "And even though he broke my heart, and I can't stand him now, I'm so grateful I met him because I would have had a lot of hate in my heart on 9/11 had it not been for him."

Published by Gynarchy, the book is currently available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Tayo Oredein is a Wellesley College alumna and lives in Jamaica Queens, New York. This is her first book. She also models and acts.

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