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New Author Talks Unholy Matrimony in "The Uncertain Journey of Love and Marriage."

Young Dreams Publications (YDP) author, Ty Waller debuts second title.

New author, Ty Waller will debut her second title, "The Uncertain Journey of Love and Marriage" this fall, September 24, 2014 - published by Young Dreams Publications (YDP). This will be Ty's follow-up sequel to her first novel, "My Journey to Life: The Journey Series", also on YDP and available in any online bookstore.

"The Uncertain Journey of Love and Marriage" takes the readers on a journey through a patchy marriage that breaks down for a not-so typical reason. This novel will take readers through the courage and faith of Aijah Sparks as she relentlessly holds on to a doomed marriage. During the tumultuous time she's also embarking on a blossoming career that seemed to fall right into her lap.

About Ty Waller
Ty's debut novel, "My Journey to Life", made its national appearance June 24, 2013. Ty began writing the novel in 2005 from the inspirations and observances of the life around her. Ty hopes to reach millions as she tells a tale of real-life circumstances that young adult women across the nation face every day. This is what she hopes to accomplish with her "journey series" novels - and some of the testimonies are showing promise that she is headed in that direction.

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