Need A New Monitoring App? We Suggest MicroStealth

When you're shopping for the perfect Mobile Phone Spy what do you look for? Superior stealth technology? Efficient results? Constant Updates? Well there's a new app in town that's grabbed everyone's attention for the benefit it brings to the table.

MicroStealth has been around for a little while but lately it's been gaining a lot of momentum because of its new features and stellar performance. Additionally, users seem to love the apps and tools provided by MicroStealth because of their budget friendly price packages.

But just what can MicroStealth do?

MicroStealth was designed keeping in mind the convenience and requirements of the user. The app functions around the close and never takes a break. It records data and information from the target phone 24/7 and is the trusted choice of thousands upon thousands of customers. MicroStealth also protects its user's data. While some other companies don't do justice to the job, this is one tough cookie for anyone to crack. Any data and information recorded with MicroStealth is for the installer's eyes only. No one else can see it, and no one else ever will unless the installer themselves make it public.

The utility of the app

The company has carefully crafted a brilliant and easy to use online dashboard for its users. This dashboard lets users access data remotely from anywhere they want, and any which way they want. All they need is a running internet connection. From location history to pictures and videos, the panel can display just about anything to the installer in a matter of seconds. And that's not all! MicroStealth has fitted its amazing app with several remote control commands. You never have to touch the phone again once you've installed the app, whatever you want to see or do can be performed with super ease and speed from the comfort of your own computer.

Some other important tools

MicroStealth goes further than any other app you can find in the market. For instance, while some offer GPS tracking, the app from MicroStealth can track without GPS. And it goes a step further by allowing you to setup safe and restricted zones. Of course that's not all, with the GPS tracking functionality you can also check someone's location history along with figure out their future location possibilities. This is just one feature, MicroStealth has improvised and improved on a number of common features that every user needs.

Who can use this?

Even though typically MicroStealth markets its tools and apps to employers and parents, of late a trend seems to be emerging where people use the app on their own phones as a data backup option. Of course it remains a steady favorite with employers who are looking to safeguard their business interests and parents who are looking to ensure their teens stay out of trouble for good, but that being said it is essentially a brilliant tool for someone who wants to secure their own phone. Remote control commands such as Remote Wipe for instance, are a great way to ensure that data on the phone stays safe and out of a thief's hands.

So in short: MicroStealth is the best bet you have against a target that's impossible to keep an eye on, and it's the best thing you'll find to get the job done!

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