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Neeaaudio - The New Audio-Conferencing System

The new audio-conferencing system that gives back the control to the user. neeaaudio is a brand new, global audio-conferencing system that offers an innovative and easy way to schedule, start and control your conference calls.

neeaaudio is the new-generation audio-conference platform, available globally, that sets new standards in the market and solves some of the dilemmas of conference calling.

Traditional audio-conferencing systems are based in the dial-in technology, in which each participant must dial a specific access phone number (that typically varies from country to country), followed by a 5 or 6 digit code to be placed into the call. This type of systems have been in use for many years now and there are dozens of audio-conference providers that struggle daily in a price battle to win customers - without bringing anything new to the process of setting up a conf-call.

neeaaudio is a new conference call system that focus on a superior user experience during all stages of a conference call - from call scheduling, to call start and fine control of the participants. Also it delivers screen-sharing capabilities - using the latest technology - that allows users to share their desktop with all call participants in a simple and straightforward way (even if they are in an Android, iPhone, iPad or any other device with a browser).

neeaaudio is a 100% phone call-back-oriented system (not a VoIP technology), meaning that each participant receives a call directly in their phone and is placed immediately in the conference call (without the need to dial any codes or access numbers). This innovative process to join the conference has a wide number of advantages, namely in terms of security, call timing and participant control.

This new system also has the option to establish "regular" 1-to-1 calls, with competitive rates for international and long-distance calls.

Features List:

- Easy-to-use web interface;
- Call-control Cockpit with real time participant status information;
- Available globally;
- Screen-share also for mobile devices;
- Automatic call start;
- In-call functionalities: redial, add/ expel participant, mute/ unmute all or single participants;
- 100% call-back conferencing;
- Call templates;
- Automatic email notifications;
- Quick-call functionality (1-to-1 calls);
- Multiple users per Account;
- Detailed call report.


neeaaudio is currently available in the Internet from within any modern browser. The roadmap planned for the neeaaudio platform evolution includes:

- Integration with social networks - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (first quarter of 2013)
- Mobile App for Android and iPhone devices (first semester of 2013)


neeaaudio is a product developed by Neeaconsulting International LLC, a United States / Delaware based company, with offices in Lisbon, Portugal. Parts of the product were developed in India, Germany and Canada.

Free system test available at

Date: Nov/27st, 2012
Neeaconsulting International, LLC, Delaware, USA
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