Ne' Richa Fans The Fire With "The Moxy"

Returning with a brand new album, Ne' Richa is branching into new sonic territories with "The Moxy". The rapper/producer continues to represent young women in a positive light, while balancing the need for creative experimentation.

Hip Hop/R&B artist, Ne' Richa, made her debut in the Summer of 2011 with her self-penned declaration, L.F.C. (Late 4 Class). Driven by lyrical neo-soul and "beats for the street", the album proved to be a high mark on the young emcees' resume. One year later, Ne' Richa is ready to disprove the theory of "sophemore jinx", & The Moxy does just that. Taking a cue from her predecessors, she strives to push past her debut, both creatively and skillwise. As the album's title suggests, she aims at leaving you impressed with her audacity and willingness to try new concepts. Ne' Richa successfully intertwines a raw street appeal with a universal approach, while introducing a paradox of relevancy & nostalgia. It's time for Hip Hop to take on a new feel, and Ne' Richa is in the driver's seat.

Album highlights include the metaphoric "Detox", in which Richa depicts herself as an "addict for music", as she likens her passion for rapping with drug use. On "Respect" & "HurtPiece", classic-era Hip Hop sounds are irrefutably standing front and center as Ne' Richa flows in effortlessly. She experiments with an overseas vibe on "Keep It Movin'", on which she tells the audience, "I'm keepin' my cool, keepin' my luster, keepin' my fresh". It's almost a chore in itself to actually spotlight one song as a "standout", as they all have their own special nuances. One thing that is certain, however, is that Ne' Richa refuses to let up. Her moxy is definitely her will to succeed.


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