Naymit Launches in Croatia and the Region to 8 Million Potential Users

Naymit officially launched its service in Croatia on April 15 this year. The Slovenian startup is entering its first market on home turf and looks to address over eight million users in Croatia and the neighboring Balkan countries.

Naymit enters its first target market!

Naymit is an app (web / Android) which lets users create and share exact locations quickly and easily, independent of address.

All Western Balkan countries present a unique opportunity for Naymit to prove its worth. They have excellent mobile phone penetration rates and reliable internet connectivity.

At the same time, their address systems share the pain of inaccurate naming and numbering, house numbers missing altogether, and entire towns not showing up on any of the standard GPS databases.

Address search without Naymit means 0-30% success rate

The Naymit crew conducted a Western Balkan field test of five common navigation systems in January 2014. The results were more than telling: Only about 30% of addresses in Croatia could be located accurately, and the number dropped to 0 in Bosnia.

This suboptimal situation causes visitors to get lost and frustrated, and it costs local businesses money. Naymit provides an excellent opportunity to solve the problem and empower people to make themselves found.

How Naymit will help

In three easy steps, Naymit lets you make any place findable:

1. You mark the location, give it a unique place name and add directions and photos.

2. Forget your unreliable address - just spread the word. Tell the name in conversation and writing or share it online.

3. Now anyone who knows the place name can find the exact spot quickly.

The custom place name is easier to communicate and more memorable than a conventional address, a hyperlink, or GPS coordinates. The bottom-up approach ensures the location is exact because it was marked by an expert.

And the best part - you can add any location and make it findable. It doesn't have to have an address to begin with, and it can be anything from a picnic spot to a hotdog stand.

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