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Navtej Kohli Salon Now Accepts Franchisees from All Countries

Based in Miami, the Navtej Kohli salon offers beauty services which include, facial treatments, eye treatments, artificial nail treatments, beauty tanning and head treatments.

It is a flourishing business and like its entrepreneur would say; Miami was an ideal location considering its proximity to the sea and its ever large number of holiday goers. Most of the people who come to Miami are looking to spend on Luxury cruises, the beach, high-end resorts and not to forget the city's several music concerts and events.

The salons doors are open to people from all walks of life as long as they are capable of paying for whatever service they would like to purchase. Celebrities who come to Miami for music concerts get their facials here. The salon also taps into the large number of cruise travelers who just can't go out to sea with wanting looks. While working, attendants at the salon admit that they have overhead several conversations where a woman in her twenties wouldn't like to disappoint her date or she wants her looks tuned up for the perfect chance to hook up with someone while on a cruise ship.

Recently, The Navtej Kohli salon announced its desire to accept franchisees from countries all over the world. People always want to look beautiful and irrespective of the location, a salon will never go out of business unless it earns itself a bad reputation. The move by this salon is aimed at expanding its territory. Besides, management has made a statement saying that they would like to build long term relationships with customers by assuring them that they can get the same quality services irrespective of where they are. An emphasis is being put on coastal towns since most of the salon's customers are holiday goers who seem to have a strong liking for the beach and other activities which are exclusive to coastal towns.

Entrepreneurs who have always wanted to start a salon business but feel that it would take a long period of time to build a brand of their own can seize this opportunity. Navtej Kohli is a well known brand which has not deflowered its reputation for the entire period of time it has been in operation. Franchising means that an entrepreneur does not have to part with all the money which would otherwise have been spent in marketing and brand promotion. All an investor needs to do is put a poster with Navtej Kohli salon above their premise door; it will be enough marketing to get ready for serious business.

However, one who intends to franchise under the Navtej Kohli salon needs to meet a few requirements. For one, they should procure high-end equipment and hire attendants who are experienced in delivering beauty services. Secondly, they choose an ideal location for their premises. Investors who strike an interest in the business opportunity can contact the salons management via the websites.

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