Native American Writer and Film Producers Featured at Cherokee Nation National Event

Native American Film Makers and Writer participate in the Cherokee Nation's 58 Annual Celebration At Labor Day Festivities in Tahlequah OK. They will spotlight the important issues of Native American Healthcare and Child Welfare.

Writer, C.C. Crittenden and award-winning Native American Film Producers, Chip Richie and Steven Heape, are featured Labor Day in Tahlequah OK, at The Cherokee Nation's Annual Holiday celebration. An important new film release on Native American healthcare issues, "American Indian Healthcare: Don't Get Sick after June," will be discussed by the films' Producers. This is an issue Crittenden, a cancer survivor, and they are passionate about.

As a young child, Crittenden used survival techniques to stay alive. In her memoir, The Cherokee Advantage: One Woman's 20th Century Trail of Tears, C.C. Crittenden describes a mystical character she dubbed Shadow Girl, who helped her mentally deal with the brutality and pain in her early life. It was a survival technique that worked for her.

Is it possible Native Americans have these coping mechanisms more finely honed in their DNA than the rest of us? By the way, Crittenden was never molested or harmed by anyone of Native American descent.

In reading the life story of this amazing woman, one learns how to cope with situations that pale by comparison to the vile and indecent criminal acts committed against this writer in her life. Crittenden's story helps us put into perspective our perceived trials and tribulations. She is an amazing tributel to the indomitable human spirit. Not only did little C.C. Crittenden survive - she is now thriving, as a fulfilled, happily married woman, who is passing on her message of survival and hope to others. She says we can all learn from some of the coping skills used by her Cherokee forefathers, who endured the tragic Trail of Tears.

Labor Day weekend Crittenden participates in the Women's Shawl Dance, performed in the sacred circle at the Cherokee Nation's 58th Annual Celebration.


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