Nation High School Launches Scam Awareness Program

Nation high school launches scam awareness program to create mass awareness among communities regarding online educational scams. The school will collaborate with local communities to educate and teach people about prevention measures.

Nation high school launched scam awareness program in collaboration with local communities to create mass awareness regarding fraudulent educational websites. School's administration and faculty have spoken of their concern regarding the growing number of fake websites and how these sites affect the reputation of legitimate online schools.

Nation high school is an accredited online school that offers high school diploma programs. The school administration announced their plans to organize nationwide community-driven effort to create awareness. The school faculty will be working with local communities to develop informative literature, posters, and news stories to expose online educational scams and how students can differentiate between a legitimate online school and a shadowy website.

"It is simple to identify these websites", said Robert White schools' coordinator assigned to monitor this campaign. "All legitimate online schools and colleges have accreditation from recognized accrediting agencies. These accreditation can be verified by calling the accreditation agency at any time." Mr. White further explained.

Each year, hundreds of American citizens fall victim of online fraud. There are several government and non-government agencies working to protect innocent people from fraud. Law enforcement agencies are also actively engaged in catching the culprits. However, the best strategy is to educate people and teach them how they can protect themselves online.


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