Naftalan Oil-to Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease which has number of medicines, oils and cream to treat it. Doctors mainly suggest to their patients to use Naftalan oil as it helps to control Psoriasis effectively.

In Current times near about 99% of people all round the world have some or the other diseases. Frequently occurred diseases are bone disease, joint disease or Psoriasis. There are so many medicines are available to recover such type of disease. But among them most significant is Naftalan oil. It is ancient and proven medicine delivering therapeutic results rather than all other medicines.

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which occurs due to rapid cell growth on skin surface. The increased numbers of cells form thick and silvery scales along with dry, itchy and red patches which are sometimes painful. It is a chronic inflammatory non-contagious skin disease which can be controlled by medicines.

Psoriasis has many forms like plaque Psoriasis, pustular Psoriasis, inverse Psoriasis, etc. All of these give pain which affects quality of life of a Psoriasis patient. Because of the Psoriasis, many people can't work properly as it gives more pain so they can't concentration on their work.

There are only two places in the world where this oil is produced. One of them is at Ivanic Grad and other is in Azerbaijan. Since, both are located faraway from Sweden, it is very difficult to obtain naftalan oil. It has a composition of sulphur, nitrogen, some micro element along with petrol and kerosene.

Dermasyd is one of the naftalan providing company which is located in Sweden. Dermasyd solved a big problem for Psoriasis patients. This oil is rarely available in nature but gives very therapeutic results to Psoriasis or any skin disease patient.

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