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My Mobi Services Now Accepts Cryptocurrency As Payment For Web Services

Clients Can Now Pay For Web Services With BitCoins, LiteCoins, and DogeCoins

My Mobi Services, a Los Angeles based mobile marketing solutions firm, has now added a new way for clients to pay for web services with the organization.


Being one of the first and few companies out there to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, My Mobi Services is poised and willing to test the waters by accepting this medium as an alternative payment method to cash, bank drafts, and credit cards.

When asked why My Mobi Services will accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, Pavon Dunbar, the Founder and CEO, stated, "The organization has just become aware of this new and exciting digital medium hitting the financial world. When cryptocurrencies have over a $5 billion dollar market cap at the moment, it is hard to ignore it as a fad. We are willing to test out the waters and accept this form of currency as payment for one of our boutique mobile services."

Overstock, Virgin, and eBay are among the many companies online that also accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment for products and services.

"Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate across a peer-to-peer network, many individuals feel safer paying for services using this form of currency" Pavon added. "Consumers feel safer knowing they can pay for our services to help them promote their business or brand online using this alternative form of payment in lieu of putting sensitive information online such as credit card or bank account numbers. The security is there for the client's piece of mind."

My Mobi Services currently accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the growing and popular Dogecoin as forms of payment for services.

When asked if he is an active investor in this market, Pavon responded with a confident yes.

"Many people don't know or are aware of cryptocurrency at this moment, but cryptocurrency is here to stay. Not only will it become a household name, but it will also become a primary way of paying for goods and services in the near future. If you told me 100 years ago that I could use a small plastic square with numbers embedded on them to pay for things, I would have laughed at you. And look what credit cards have become in our market. The same will be the case for cryptocurrency. I'm just here for the ride."

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