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Mr. Rollins Goes to Washington, to Discuss Fitness and Nutrition

Nutrition and Fitness discussions on Capitol Hill get a boost today from Entertainment Exec and Philanthropist Stephen Rollins.

Following a visit to the White House, filmmaker, CEO of the National Foundation for Military Family Support, and 2012 Presidential Candidate Stephen Rollins appeared before members of Congress today to discuss the Fitness First Initiative, a program designed to promote increased physical activity along with a smart diet for a healthy life.

Mr. Rollins is using his personal experience of going from a professional athlete in top physical form to a person overweight, not active regularly with a poor diet, which all has led to recent health issues. "As a nation, poor health and obesity continue to rise, while our physical activity levels continue to decrease", proclaims Rollins. "Through my recent experiences, I've learned how just 30 minutes a day of cardio activities and eating a sensible diet can change your mood, your outlook, and your overall health. It can also decrease the effects of diabetes for those affected by the disease".

Stephen's remarks hit with an impact, as he described how he has family members who suffer from illnesses that are commonly linked to poor diet and inactivity, such as diabetes and certain forms of cancer. The members of Congress present were pushed to restrain their emotions as Stephen's story began to cover his life journey, which included him losing both parents to cancer at an early age. "My parents were diagnosed with cancer 6 days apart, and died about 10 weeks apart. If only I had understood what we all were putting in our bodies back then, maybe I could have changed my parent outcome. Now, I have a better concept of fitness and nutrition and I want to share my story, change my life and hopefully the lives of others."


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