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MoverworX Packs Even More Power into Its Already Robust Moving Software System

In an ongoing policy of improving their service and increasing the power they offer to their clients, MoverworX adds a new bulk emailing enhancement to their system

The logistical complexity of the moving and freight industry is one of the most important factors that effect the success of any business in this field. MoverworX understands this need and that integration into all departments is vital to the productivity and service that every moving and freight company relies on.

It is this need that continues to drive MoverworX to enhance and adapt their already solid and effective moving software package. In this spirit, the company is proud to announce a new enhancement that gives their clients unsurpassed and integrated bulk emailing features.

"The moving and freight industry is very complex," said Uri Levy of MoverworX, "it's really all about logistics. Time, speed, efficiency and the ability to communicate effectively is a critical component to our customers. This is why our new bulk email enhancement is so powerful."

The existing MoverworX software package already comes with the ability for the user to create groups and segments and to email large volumes of people with a single click. Additionally, each email will automatically populate with the customer's relevant details for rapid distribution. However, MoverworX feels that this is not enough.

The new bulk email enhancement gives the client the ability to create new rules by date and time. This will allow the MoverworX user to email their customers by certain dates automatically.

Yet another added feature that will no doubt prove highly useful is the ability for users to create a drip email follow-up. This automatic messaging hierarchy will begin with the initial contact and continue onto the estimate phase and then to booking. The system will also send a move day reminder and even a thank you once the moving job has been completed. The final thank you email will even feature a survey and final review.

With these additional components, MoverworX is providing its customers with a very powerful tool that will keep them in constant contact with their customers. Additionally, the features of the bulk emailing system can be used for sales and marketing purposes in order to generate new customers and increase repeat business.

MoverworX reports that the response to this add-on has been overwhelmingly positive and is further proof of the ability for this software provider to proactively serve its market. With a constantly changing economy and social environment, the ability for moving and freight companies to adapt to these changes and even profit by them is imperative to their survival. MoverworX was established and continues to function so that it can do everything possible to bolster the operational and logistical capabilities of these businesses.

About MoverworX Software

MoverworX is an advanced high-tech development firm that provides a fully-integrated software solution for moving companies both domestic and international, freight companies and storage companies. This innovative software system incorporates sales, marketing, operations and management capabilities that gives the company total control over its logistics by providing integrated modules and real-time data. MoverworX software's goal is to be a total solution for the companies it serves. These moving, storage and freight businesses have a great deal of logistics that must be managed precisely and it is with this in mind that MoverworX has developed its unique software solution.

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