Motorclub of America Launches Online Sales Positions - Scam?

The MotorClub of America has gained much attention after recently introducing a new sales branch of their Company. It's become known in some sales and marketing circles as "Double-up Fridays" because of the generous payouts. But, is it all a scam?

MCA has received much attention as of late because of their recent launch of independent sales associate position that offer generous payouts that are unprecedented for this specific industry.

This new business undertaking has also garnered some negative press from skeptics to believe it to be a scam. In doing some research, the claims of this opportunity being bogus are unwarranted.

Working as an independent sales associate for MCA is a legitimate job. Once a representative is hired, they receive a new employee packet from the company which includes an Independent Contractors form , recruiting brochure, training materials, and other important forms need the employee must complete and return.

The training materials are top-notch. They have an 800 number that is available 24/7, and a great coaching and support system in the form of online communities and experienced MCA sales associates that mentor, guide, and set up a new hire for success.

The membership package includes some great benefits, among them are:

- emergency road service and towing
- prescription, vision, and dental discounts
- travel planning and assistance
- $5000 stolen vehicle reward
- $50,000 accidental death benefits
- $3000 for legal fees
- $50,000 hospitalization expenses
- hotel and car rental discounts
- emergency accommodation benefits

How it works:

Sales Associates make a small purchase of one of three membership levels. This gives them access to all the benefits of the package, and also allows them to sell the same level of membership they purchased and receive a payout that is double of the package price!

For example:

A new sales associate purchases the lowest level package, MCA Security for $19.90 (2 months membership). they can now sell this package and be paid $40.00 for every new membership signup they make.

the next package up is MCA Plus. Once they purchase this package for $29.90 (2 months membership) every membership signup then make earns them $60.00.

the third and highest level is MCA Total. A sales associate purchases this package for $39.90 (again, 2 months membership), and they get paid $80.00 for every signup they get.

There are people who are making a great supplemental income, and even working for MCA full-time.

Here is just one of the many testimonials that sales associates have posted online

This video below outlines the compensation plan in greater detail:

In summary, working as a Motorclub of America Sales Associate is a legitimate, real-world job that can be very rewarding both financially and in freeing up your time for more important things in life such as family. Click on the link below to go to the Company's Website:

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