Most Stylish Mens Watches 2012 Compiled in GQ Magazine List Includes Mens Watches Supplied by Approved Watch Shop,

Popular British Mens Magazine, GQ has Laid Out a Guide to the Latest Trends from the Best Brands in Mens Watches 2012.

GQ Magazine has compiled a list of the greatest and most stylish mens watches 2012 on their website. The extensive list is alphabetised by brand name, so it is very easy to navigate. Once the reader has found and clicked on their desired brand, they'll find a short blurb about the brands collection of mens watches and a "Watch of the collection" feature.

The Mens Watches 2012 Guide gives a frank, honest, and sometimes humorous review of the brands collection. The review of Concord's range of mens watches 2012, for instance, goes like this, "The brand's motto is "Others Will Follow" - they probably won't, so you can be reasonably assured of being the only Concord wearer in the room."

The guide showcases a variety of brands, from high end luxury designers such as Chanel, Rolex, Gucci, Cartier, and Tiffany & co., as well as lower end brands (but by no means, 'low end') such as Casio, Firetrap, Swatch, and Police. The Mens Watches 2012 guide goes from the practical, the stylish, and the extravagant, featuring a Franck Muller white gold tourbillon watch, approximately priced at a cool $1million. At the other end of the scale, the £35 Firetrap Silicon watch also gets a look in by the magazine.

Robin Kamal, co-founder of London watch shop, WatchHub, said, "It's great that GQ has showcased the best of what's on offer for mens watches 2012 in such an honest and detailed way. It looks as though a lot of time and research has gone into compiling that list." WatchHub stocks many of the brands listed in the guide, as well as (amongst others), Ted Baker, Mark Ecko, and Michael Kors watches . Mr Kamal went on to say, "The only thing GQ were missing was a list of reputable retailers, or a few words on how to avoid purchasing a fake or stolen watch from a shady salesman, as it can happen often."

The best way to avoid being scammed or unknowingly buying a fake or replica watch is to purchase from an authorised and trusted retailer. The UK based watch shop has released an informative YouTube video to show consumers how to spot a dodgy dealer, and what makes an honest and reputable watch seller.

In their YouTube video, WatchHub identifies three key things to look out for and avoid when purchasing women's and mens watches online. Number 1 on the list is to find out whether the retailer has a real physical UK watch store, or whether it is just a website being run from a tent in a desert. WatchHub has been selling mens watches for over 10 years from their watch shop in London. This means they have in depth experience of what constitutes a reputable retailer, and they pride themselves on delivering on their promise of great value and customer service.

Mr. Kamal says, "It is so important to do your research before purchasing online. It can be so easy for scammers to sell you something online that doesn't live up to it's description, or in some cases even exist. That's why we've produced the YouTube video, to help people spot when their cheap online deal is too good to be true."

To see WatchHub's YouTube video, go to, search for "Mens Watches", and click on the first result.

WatchHub boast a wide range of both women's and mens watches 2012 from all the popular designers on their online store


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