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MOS Offering Free, No Obligation Trial for Data Entry Services

The company's free trial offer is designed to help prospective clients evaluate their service quality and accuracy, thus helping to make the right data entry outsourcing decision.

Outsourcing data entry to a reliable third party service provider helps businesses save administrative costs, focus more on core business, improve efficiency and enjoy fast turnaround time for processing and updating information. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), a reliable BPO company in the U.S is offering a free, no obligation trial for its competitively priced data entry services. Clients can benefit from this opportunity to check out this company's services at no cost.

The team at MOS can capture, digitize and process data from various sources such as paper, books, e-mails, images, web forms and hard copies. Depending on specific requirements, MOS delivers online/offline data processing support that includes:

* Medical data entry
* Image entry
* Survey entry
* Insurance claims entry
* Book/text entry
* Legal records
* Handwritten documents entry

Capable of handling projects of any size, the team at MOS ensures accurate output, data security and confidentiality, multi-level quality checking, customized turnaround time, flexibility/scalability, round the clock customer support and technical assistance. Clients can send projects through FTP, email, browser, CD-R or CD-W.

MOS has vast experience in serving diverse business clientele. The company has assisted a UK printing/publishing company working in the education arena with flawless data entry solutions for their major project. The client's requirement was to enter information from 140,000 scanned order forms into an Excel spreadsheet. With extensive training provided for the team to be ready for the volume and the required turnaround time, MOS was able to complete the large project on time and with 99% accuracy.

"Our work units based in the U.S. and India utilize the best combination of state-of-the-art systems and advanced technologies, supported by skilled staff to help clients on a global level with faster, error-free data entry. Our clients will also save 30 to 40% on their operational costs," says a Senior Solutions Manager at MOS.

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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a one stop business process outsourcing company providing well-organized back office outsourcing solutions to clients in the medical, legal and business sectors. The services offered include transcription for the medical and legal industry, website design, SEO, medical billing and coding. Find more details at:

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