More Stations, Railway Reservation Seat Availability and Other Options Now on TravelKhana

TravelKhana ( talks of its huge plans to offer train passengers choices of best food in different parts of the country in their exclusive interaction with the press.

For more than couple of years now, TravelKhana ( has been working on improving the options for passengers of Indian railways, and the entire celebrated the good aspect with a press meet. With a complete team of honchos and team heads in attendance, the TravelKhana people talked on a lot of things related to the website and the range of services. For starters, the company talked of their prime service, which is all about offering quality food on trains though a network of trusted vendors.

"At TravelKhana, we have devised the perfect recipe for your train journeys. Millions of passengers use train as their only choice of traveling, and it is kind of shame that after 60 years, the choices of food in Indian Railways remains limited. Today, after working for two years, we are proud to say that those willing to have quality food onboard can now have it. Yes, we are one of the only services in business to offer that kind of options to customers. From the choice of Jain and vegetarian meals to non-vegetarian and other cuisine choices, we have everything for you," said the marketing head.

On being asked of more plans, the managing director took the chance and said, "I think we already have covered many of the places, stations and trains, but there is always something to work on. We are adding more vendors for the moment for the existing stations and are increasing the number of trains and stations. Our sincere apologies to those who haven't been able to taste our services yet, but we will soon reach you. At the same, all customers visiting TravelKhana can now check their PNR system and railway reservation seat availability on our website along with other Indian Railways services. We have more plans, and the team will be in touch for the same."

TravelKhana is working on its increased vendor list, but what probably the team is more concerned is the coverage of more trains. For the large stations, they have more than a few choices of vendors in vegetarian and non- vegetarian sections, but for some of the routes, especially the religious ones, there are more options, as well. The company is already doing its bit in offering everything about Indian Railways services on their website, but it remains to be seen how they add more choices and bring more food options.
About us: TravelKhana ( is one of the leading websites in India offering the choice of ordering food online for trains and stations. They have covered more than 2000 trains and have plans for more in days to come along with coverage of other stations in different parts of the country. Customers of their website can also check for PNT status and railway reservation seat availability for all trains online, as well.

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