Monbento® : A French Success Story !

Since its launch, the bento box specialist has enjoyed continued success. During its third year (2011-2012), the start-up achieved 200% growth and exceeded one million euros in turnover.

For 2013, monbento® aims for 300% additional growth. To achieve this goal, it has widened its range of products and will focus on exports, particularly to the United-Kingdom.

Despite a period of economic crisis, this young company, which will celebrate its fourth anniversary in 2013, has achieved its goal: expanding into international markets.
« monbento® has experienced a meteoric ascent since it was created. What interests me today is expanding internationally. Eating is still a universal need above all else, is it not? So we would like to export our bentos and accessories throughout the world because we are convinced that our international neighbors will enjoy our products,» stressed Emilie Creuzieux, CEO of monbento®.
Starting this year, the French company, which already has many locations in France and in over 30 other countries*, hopes to strengthen its presence in Europe and position itself in strategic areas in the rest of the world, such as North America and Asia. monbento hopes that in 2013 this will allow it to double its percentage of international sales, which now represent 30% of total sales. Motivated by the market potential for portable tableware and always striving to meet the needs of its clients, the company is constantly seeking to innovate and still has surprises up its sleeve for 2013. All of which points to a strong future for monbento!

* including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, etc.

monbento® , creator of « bento » lunch boxes

As the first product in the monbento® collection, the MB Original bento is the brand's leading product as well as the ideal companion for office lunches, picnics, or TV dinners. With two airtight containers, an adjustable separator and a wide elastic strap, it keeps different food in place and ensures their safe arrival. Other notable advantages: the MB Original is entirely microwave-safe thanks to the small silicone cap in the inner lids, dishwasher-safe and its inner lid makes it 100% airtight.
Made of strong, high-quality plastic with a «soft touch» finish, this lunch box combines sturdiness and style.
The MB Original won two international design awards last year: the Gia Award and the Reddot Design Award.

First new feature for 2013 : the MB Original with a touch of grey

A color change is in the works for the MB Original. The inner lids and elastic support straps, which were initially black, have adopted a grey accent for a softer appearance.

The MB Original (entirely microwave and dishwasher-safe) exists in nine colors (black, red, pink, fuchsia, blue, sky blue, grey and orange) and five graphic designs (Cooky, Pixel Food, Koi, Sakura and Tree Girl) to please every taste!

Recommended retail price: 28.00€

Its «reduced-size» model, the single-layered MB Original Single, is sold exclusively at Bloomingdale's in the United States. It is available in five colors (fuchsia, green, sky blue, grey and black).

Recommended retail price: 21.90€

A very wide range

Since its creation, the brand has endeavored to develop a series of accessories to go along with its bentos. Here is a glimpse at two monbento accessories.
The retractable chopsticks are just one example. They are easy to use and have been designed to be easily stored between the inner and outer lids of the monbento® boxes. With a soft feel similar to that of the bentos, these chopsticks are available in six colors (white, black, green, sky blue, fuchsia and grey) and can be matched or not with the brand's bento boxes!

Recommended retail price: 9.90€

The nomad cutlery sets have been designed for a «Western-style» use of the bento boxes. Comprising three pieces (a fork, a knife, and a spoon) enclosed in a case, this dishwasher-safe cutlery is made from stainless steel and fits between the inner and upper lids of the monbento® boxes. These nomad cutlery sets are designed for the MB Original are sturdy and practical for all users of the monbento® lunch box. They are available in ten colors (white, black, fuchsia, sky blue, pink, blue, green, red, grey and orange).

Recommended retail price: 14.90€

Where can i find monbento® products in the United-Kingdom

monbento products are available online on the monbento site

About the creation of monbento®

As a kinesiotherapist and lover of Japanese culture, Emilie Creuzieux discovered the bento box when her product designer companion, Fabien Marret, used one for a design project.
As a healthy alternative to restaurant meals, this little Japanese box quickly found its place in the young woman's lifestyle, whether for quick lunches at her workplace or for on-the-go meals while visiting her patients.
However, the product was difficult to find in Europe, forcing Emilie to order her first bentos on a Japanese website.
Emilie was only 26 years old in March 2009 when, after noticing how enthusiastically her friends reacted to the box, she joined forces with Fabien and Arnaud De Rancourt, web project manager, to create the company monbento®.

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