ModalMinds and LEASEstation Visit Tianjin, See Tremendous Opportunities for China and United States Businesses

ModalMinds and LEASEstation executives visit the Binhai Central Business District (CBD) in Tianjin, China and find tremendous interest from Chinese companies eager to engage in China and United States business opportunities.

ModalMinds and LEASEstation today announced that its recent delegation to Tianjin, China provided an eye opening experience relating to opportunities across countries. Development of the City of Tianjin is to be a special area of focus.

Robert D. Parker, CEO of LEASEstation, Inc. and Chairman of Parker Highlands Investments states, "I am excited to be part of the team to build the City of Tianjin. Our team has the right corporate contacts within the USA and Worldwide to achieve the goal of making Tianjin the largest financial center of the World. I will work closely with the Tianjin vice Mayor Cui Jindu and Li Bo, the Chairman of the Board of the Tianjin Innovative Finance Investment Co., Ltd. whose charter is to build the city." Parker is known throughout Asia and America for his meetings with the new President of China, Xi Jinping, and his desire to have the USA and China work together to build Joint Venture business.

Stefan Hofmeyer, President of ModalMinds, sees the recent results of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as a reason to further engage across borders. "I find there are new doors being opened for business to business and investor to investor relationships. These newly formed cross border relationships will no doubt be a catalyst for increased commerce, benefitting the Chinese and American economies and quality of life for all." States Hofmeyer.

ModalMinds will focus efforts on driving business initiatives identified by LEASEstation and Parker Highlands Investments. ModalMinds will also leverage Merger and Acquisition Integration experience to facilitate business growth for both the United States and China and facilitate events that contribute to business and cultural exchange.

Hofmeyer continues, "Back in 1985 when Mr. Xi visited the State of Iowa for the first time and slept in a local farmhouse, I was growing up in a small town down the road. Mr. Xi's return to Iowa February of 2012 makes me believe there will be new opportunities for China and the U.S. to build personal relationships and understanding at a very deep level, which will be a cornerstone for business success." Mr. Hofmeyer sees this as an inspiring example for U.S. business leaders looking to do business with Chinese companies.


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