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Mobile Operators Regain Full Control Over Their SMS Flow with Monty Mobile's SMS Gateway Management System

Mobile operators regain full control over their SMS flow with Monty Mobile's SMS Gateway Management System

Monty Mobile, a leading GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker, has introduced yet another innovative solution enabling mobile operators to regain full control over their SMS flow by providing them with an efficient SMS Gateway Management system.

The General Manager of Monty Mobile, Mr. Hassan Mansour, explained that "Mobile operators around the world are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars worldwide because of millions of unpermitted messages getting terminated at their networks' end without being billed or them knowing. In fact, internet and social media-based messaging applications make use of "grey routes" to terminate messages at operators' end, skipping any inter-working fees and causing hidden operators' losses and unnecessary network load".

Mansour introduced Monty Mobile's SMS Gateway Management System as the ideal solution to such problems, saying "the SMS Gateway Management system from Monty Mobile will enable mobile operators to grant SMS traffic access to "direct connections" and "white-listed" sources only while rejecting any unbilled SMS. This will automatically cut the revenue leakage and provide mobile operators with new revenue sources". Mansour added "With Monty Mobile's SMS Gateway Management system, mobile operators can also block all spam and fraud sources".

The added-value of Monty Mobile's SMS Gateway Management System is that it can be easily implemented, without the need for engineering changes or network upgrades at the operator's end. The operator only needs to identify and approve the sources they wish to get direct traffic from, and Monty Mobile's qualified team will take care of the rest.


For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Lamis Fanous
Business Development Manager
Monty Mobile
Skype ID: lamisfanous

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