Mindsharp And 5th Method Consulting Partner Together

Mindsharp is pleased to announce its new partnership with 5th Method Consulting in its Partner Program.

Mindsharp, a SharePoint Education company, continues to connect with other technology companies with the introduction of the new Partner and Reseller program. 5th Method Consulting, headquartered in Rosewell, GA, is a business and IT consulting firm focused on collaboration, content, and process driven solutions built on the Microsoft platform. They offer real world implementation and technical expertise in the areas of SharePoint, FAST Search, K2, Metalogix, and KnowledgeLake. Mindsharp is excited to welcome 5th Method Consulting into the Partner Program. By engaging in this program, both companies will help extend their reach, increase revenues, and strengthen the relationships with their customers.

There are two types of partnership programs available through Mindsharp: the Partner Program and the Reseller Program. The Partner Program focuses on creating partnerships with system integrators and independent software vendors, while the Reseller Program connects with other training companies.
The outcomes of these programs are increased engagements and deeper relationships within the customer base. The programs are attractive since they offer an increase in new revenue and profits as well as no up-front or back-end fees. Mindsharp's vision for the Partner and Reseller Program is to develop and maintain optimal customer experiences through "better-together" partnerships that lead to long-term, stable customer relationships for the partner and Mindsharp.

For more information on Mindsharp's Partner Program, visit https://www.mindsharp.com/About/Partners/.

Contact: Linda Czech, Marketing Manager - linda.czech@mindsharp.com 763-496-4009

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Mindsharp is a global SharePoint education company focusing on computer-based and instructor-led training. UserVersity, our computer-based enterprise SharePoint training software, helps companies train their entire organization. With UserVersity, corporations can easily rollout consistent, measurable, and affordable training for all of their employees. Our world-renowned public and private instructor-led training is offered in-person and online. Mindsharp's portfolio of comprehensive training courses targets the needs of end users, business users, administrators, designers, developers and architects. For additional information about public class registration, private training engagements, or the SharePoint UserVersity training software, please visit us at Mindsharp.com. Mindsharp is a Microsoft Partner.

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