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Millions of Bottles for Export: Boom of Italian Sparkling Wine

Champagne is sure the most expensive and "chic" sparkling wine in the world but watch out, Italian sparkling wines are on the rise!

Although the bubbly champagne is considered the most elegant and „chic" sparkling wine in the world by most consumers, recently an Italian product is gradually eroding its share in the market.
Italian sparkling wine, has in terms of quality reached very high levels and no longer fears the competition of the famous French wine.

The latest data from Istat, (the Italian national institute for statistics) confirm a change in exported quantities equal to +15 % in the first ten months of 2013, a total of 213 million bottle; at the same time there has been a 18% increase in respect to the value, which is estimated to be just over 570 € million.

If we consider that in the same period the growth of Italian wine exports was "only" 9% , it is clear that it is the sparkling wine made in Italy, that is required by international markets.

In addition to focus on the quality of the product, the companies that sell sparkling wine have to pay close attention to the issues of marketing, and one aspect not to be underestimated is the importance of a good packaging.

To make their bottles of sparkling wine attractive for the consumer it is crucial to provide clear labels and bottles that catch the eye: in the catalog of Bormioli Rocco Packaging for example a wide range of packaging solutions are available for the bottling of quality wines.

The glass bottles (http://bormioliroccopackaging.com) by Bormioli Rocco Packaging are available in over a hundred models, of which several are ideal for its sparkling wine and equipped with cork closures.

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