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Immigration Overseas is a reputed law firm, who are supported by the experts and the counselors at the back-end, who offers the entire gamut of services to migrate to Canada from the per-assessment of the client profile up to the stage,

Migration to Canada from India has numerous reasons and this is despite the fact that Canada is a country with harsh climate and snowy winters. Canada is one of the highly advanced developed nations which accounts for a huge amount of immigration, all over the world with immigration for skilled workers, both for the Federal and the Quebec region being priorities for the Canadian Government.

The reasons to migrate to Canada are enlisted below. From 1994, Canada as rated by the UN as the best country to live in. Secondly, Canada is growing, modern, industrial nation with multicultural diversity and is safe and secure for all ethnic groups. The prosperity of the Canada is ever growing. The Country boasts with a clean environment and clean living. The process of immigration has a major factor in the form of quality of life. Canada has the highest quality of life in the world. The next reason for attracting people who migrate to Canada is the highest generation of jobs and the priority of the Canadian Government for the skilled immigration services which arises due to gaps in labor market due to the socio-economic reasons.

Another reason to migrate to Canada is low inflation rate and lower taxes. There are unlimited opportunities for the development for manufacturing, construction, natural resources, commerce, high technology and services sectors. Some migrate to Canada on reasons like the high quality of education at International levels being offered by the Canadian Universities and colleges. The education offered is free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies by the Canadian education system. The Universities and colleges are reputed for strong international quality and services and this can generate job opportunities at global levels. The health care system in Canada is free and based not on the ability to pay but on the service being offered equally for all residing in Canada. There are free housing assistance programs also, all offered by a strong Government. The cities in Canada are safe and secure with the strict gun control laws, the lower rates of crime and many others allied factors. One of the best possible factors for Canada is that it encourages immigrants for retaining their unique culture and such a diversity exists nowhere in the world.

These reasons are coupled with special facilities from the Canadian Government on offering family immigration to spouse and live-in-partners and for the children / elderly parents, so that the highly skilled workers can settle comfortably in Canada thus ensuring successful immigration for the family. There are minimum amount of Government regulations for the starting of one's business. Canadian citizenship, after three years of permanent residence status along with dual citizenship is offered.


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