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Michigan Creative Expands into the Jackson Market

Lansing-based marketing company, Michigan Creative, is expanding into the Jackson, Michigan, market.

Lansing-based marketing company, Michigan Creative, is looking to expand into the Jackson, Michigan, market.

Brian Town, the CEO of Michigan Creative, said "we see a great opportunity to help out some great local businesses in the Jackson area". The company recently attended the Jackson Chamber of Commerce's business fair and gained a large amount of interest for a marketing company in the Jackson area. Town, who is originally from Jackson, is excited to be working with some of the companies he grew up knowing.

There are other marketing companies in the Jackson area, but Michigan Creative is unique in the fact that they strive to be a company's marketing department. From offering consulting and long-term planning, to video and web services, and so much more, the company runs the marketing division of local businesses. They are the affordable alternative for local businesses that may not be able to afford full-time marketing personnel.

This is different than how the company used to approach businesses. Town said, "we used to just call ourselves a full service marketing company, but anybody can be full service". He went on to say that they've since taken a new approach and love to work with the company's branding, rebranding, and discovering of who they are and where they want to be. Melissa Meschke, the Marketing Manager for Michigan Creative, enjoys marketing the new approach. "It really makes us unique and we feel like we can truly make the difference from average success to exceptional success for a business," she said.

The approach has worked well for the company so far and they feel as though they are beginning to define their niche in the market. Michigan Creative looks forward to marketing there new approach to the Jackson area, as well as into the entire Mid-Michigan area.

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