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Meteorologists Predict a Severe Weather Spike in Response to Prolonged Winter

A prolonged winter may signal a more severe storm season for 2014.

The late start to spring weather may signal a drastic spike in severe thunderstorms from May to June, according to Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski of

Tornado season typically runs from March through May in the Southern region, but persistent cold air has prevented violent thunderstorms and tornadoes from forming, as they are fueled by warm, moist air near the ground. With a transition to spring still on the horizon, the shift to storm season may occur later and be more dramatic.

"On average, severe weather gradually ramps up moving forward through the spring. This year, the transition may occur later and may be more dramatic," Sosnowski stated. "A spike in damaging thunderstorms, including some capable of producing tornadoes, is expected during May and June."

Even with the current data, weather predictions are never foolproof, and meteorologists want to remind the public to be prepared at all times.

"This is not to say there cannot be a couple of outbreaks of severe weather during the first part of the spring in portions of the Midwest, the South and even the Northeast," said severe weather expert Dan Kottlowski. "People should not let their guard down."

National Storm Shelters (NSS), a leading manufacturer of underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms, wants to ensure that Americans have begun preparing for the threat of severe weather.

On the NSS website, the public may view a tornado emergency preparedness plan, inquire about safe rooms and read many blog entries detailing the best ways to prepare your home and family for the upcoming tornadoes.

Other resources and tips that NSS is sharing and encouraging families to review include:
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It is not too late to better prepare for upcoming tornados. Check out the NSS website to answer any questions or concerns about the season ahead.

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