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Merge of Heritage Line and Cruise Halong

Heritage Line is pleased to announce that we are in the final stage of a merger with Cruise Halong. This merger will strengthen our position as a leading cruise company in the Indochina region.

Heritage-Line, owning company of the magnificent Jayavarman and Jahan cruises, is in final stages of a merger with an equally magnificent cruise ship company, the Cruise Halong. This merger is expected to strengthen Heritage-Line's position as the leading cruise company in the Indochina region. "The merger will place us in good stead to refine and consolidate our services and products, synergize our efforts and achieve greater passenger satisfaction under the single brand name Heritage Line," says Thomas Peter, chief executive officer of Heritage-Line.

Following the merger, Cruise Halong will operate under the branch office of Heritage Line (Halong).

The sales and marketing department will be consolidated within a single location - Heritage Line's HCMC office - servicing the destinations of Halong Bay and the Mekong. Since July 30 2012, the Heritage Line office has been handling Cruise Halong's reservations. All e-mail communications have also been reduced to a single domain suffix: @heritage-line.com. In the near future, the Heritage Line website will include both cruising destinations.

The Halong boats (Ginger, Jasmine and Violet) are now part of the unique Heritage Line Collection. They are currently undergoing a major rebranding process.

"We are looking forward to providing our guests with excellent service for both cruises under the Heritage Line brand," says Peter.

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Heritage Line, a consummate collector of ships and vessels and a dynamic cruise company offers guests an experience at once intimate, authentic and adventurous.

Heritage Line designs ships to re-create the past of an era gone-by. Each detail painstakingly crafted, to remake history. Always in search of the exceptional. And this naturally draws guests from distant corners of the planet to partake in their splendours.

Heritage Line are artisans. It is more than a mere provider of tours on water. They craft the most memorable on- and off-shore experience and bring to life untold stories with the right mix of comfort, adventure, culture, history, luxury and tradition. And passion.

Heritage Line travellers are inspired by the people they meet, by the closeness to nature during their journeys and of course by bringing home those everlasting glimpses of Asian beauty.

There is a reason Heritage Line is called a boutique spark on water. They are personal. They are exclusive. They are veritable hosts who embrace you with unbridled warmth and never let you forget your stay. Where intimate bonds are created and friendships nourished.

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