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Melodi Prime - The iPhone of Breast Pumps?

Lucina Care Offers Some of the Best Breast Pumps Available

Choosing the best type of breast pump can be a difficult process. There are many differences from one pump to the next. Lucina Care offers many different models, but one that is very popular is the Melodi Prime.This pump has many great features for a new mom or the experienced mom. If people loved how well the hospital pumps worked for them, they are going to be extremely pleased with this pump. It is something that is small enough and can be mounted on IV poles or beds. It can also be moved around if necessary. There are several different settings that this can be used in as well. One feature that professionals feel is extremely effective is that is can mimic the baby's sucking as well as the swallowing and breathing patterns. Many new moms will be able to have more success getting more milk in each setting.The case on this is smooth and sealed. This is going to make cleaning it much easier. The closed system frame also allows efficiency in cleaning and using it.

The company spokesman added, "We have many different styles of pumps available for consumers. We know how important it is for new moms to have convenient and effective products when they are trying to breastfeed. Melodi Prime is a great pump to try out."The Lucina Care professional also commented on how long the battery life is on these units. A mother can use their breast pump for a full day's sessions without having to charge it up. This allows the mother to go anywhere while using it. An LCD screen on these models allow the user to monitor a lot of things. The strength level, mode, battery life and timer as well as the date. This is something that is very convenient because they will know how much time is left in their session and the mode that they are using without looking at all of the menus.The question of whether or not this is the iPhone of breast pumps is yet to be determined but by the many positive reviews, it is a possibility. New moms are pleased with the convenience and quality of the Melodi Prime breast pump. This is one pump that Lucina Care is having difficulties keeping in stock for their customers to order. That says a lot about the quality of this amazing little machine.

About Us: Being a new mom can be difficult at times. Figuring out how to breastfeed and what breast pumps are the best can be difficult. There are many factors that can play into those decisions. Lucina Advanced Care is recommended by many pediatricians for the best breast pumps and supplies. New and experienced moms can use comparison tools to see which one would work best for their situation. This is not something that will be used one or two times and then tossed aside. Lucina Care knows how important it is to find the perfect one. Visit them today at for more information.

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